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Damp Proofing

Black mould on a white wall.

We are trained and qualified to carry out damp and preservation works and keep our methods in line with changes in the industry.

We specialise in:

  • Condensation – This is the most common form of damp issue found in our homes. Signs of condensation include black mould, damp smells and water droplets forming on cold surfaces. It is likely caused by inadequate ventilation, insulation and heating. This is generally more noticeable between the months of October and April.

  • Penetrating damp – This is when rainwater enters through the walls and roofs of a building. Signs include isolated damp patches on interior walls and ceilings. The main reasons why this can occur include damaged roofs, rendering, brickwork and guttering.

  • Rising damp – This is the most commonly misdiagnosed form of dampness and is a lot rarer than people think. This occurs when water from the ground travels through capillaries in the brickwork, imagine the water being sucked through a straw, and causes significant damage, such as peeling paint and wallpaper, crumbling plaster and rotting skirting boards.

If you have a damp issue that needs diagnosing and remedying, contact us.

Penetrating Damp salt.jpeg
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